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I created these two ATC’s using Color Mists.  I just love ’em!!!   If you haven’t tried them….. you’re missing out on a treat.  I purchased them from: http://www.outsidethemargins.com/



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Just a little glass brooch I decided to play with last night.

Unfortunately, some of the details didn’t scan properly….. 


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Me again, I’ve created a few more ATC’s…… it’s 12:30 am (don’t believe what the date shows on the page, I’ve yet to figure out how to change it) LOL

I think I’ll be making just “one more” before calling it a night.


redart.jpg beautifullady.jpg touchalife.jpg


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Decided to see what I could create using UTEE today….  Say hello to Grandma Grump’s.  I’m thinking I’d like to maybe add some wings to her.  What do you think?   My intentions are for her to be a pin.



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Recently I was asked to share how I created my tile ornaments. It is rather simple really…

I used a variety of things… and not limited to: Alcohol Inks, Watercolor, Acrylics, Homemade papers, Tissues and pictures I printed on my inkjet printer.

I stamped all images using Stayzon black ink.  I used GLOO to adhere the glitter as GLOO dries completely clear. 

Believe it or not, no drilling was involved in creating these.  Here’s what I did.  I flipped the tiles over, made my wire hangers and dangles and adhered them to the back using EPOXY (fast dry). Once dry, I adhered black felt to cover the entire back of the tile, added a sheer bow…..and was set to go!!

I hope these are clear enough. If not… ask me specifics and I’ll try to answer you as soon as possible.

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Poor Grandma Grumps was getting a little lonely in here….. So I created Grandpa Grumps for her.  Grandpa is a wild man, he loves to wear Liberace get up while playing sweet music on his violin.


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Altererd Jewelry Boxes

Over the past holiday, my daughter Ashley was home from college for a month. Ashley decided to paint her room, as one of my biggest fans she asked me if I’d make some “pieces” to display in her room.   Here are two simple jewelry boxes I altered for her to display in her shadow box.




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