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Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ve been out straight today. Boxed up my entire craft studio, peeled wallpaper, moved boxes into the parlor. Hubby and I are redesigning my “space”…. the little I have.  The room is tiny and I was not utilizing the space as best as I could…. so, I came up with a brain storm………..(He couldn’t run and hide too long…. I found him and put him to work)

Presently, he’s relaxing on the couch and I’m about to show you something I am amazed I made.  Good or bad…. I decided I needed to come out of my comfort zone. By the way…. it felt good!!

I kept certain things out so I could play……… fortunately I have a free desk in the computer room so I sat down about 30 min. ago and tried to do something totally different from what I normally do.  Well… I was pretty much forced to do something different since 99% of my art supplies are boxed up.  LOL

This is the outcome…………..  I kind of like it….. not bad for my first time doing this type of art.   For now, I’ll call her Lucy!



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Encaustic Wax







I “SHOULD” have been cleaning the studio…. but instead I sat down, got engrossed in “listening” to a movie and started playing.

There is something reallllly soooooothing playing with wax.

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Polymer Clay

This entire piece was created with nothing but Polymer Clay. Mixing, minipulating, creating a leaf cane, creating faux wood.  I made the face first by making a mold of a doll head, then I created the face for this piece.


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