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I wish WORDPRESS would allow us to arrange our posts in the order of how we want them to be read. This is the second post in the last 5 minutes so I’d like it to follow the previous one instead of being the first one your read…….

OK, I’m getting cranky…… perhaps I should just go take more meds and go to bed…. no no no… I can’t do that, I said I was going to share what I’ve made…. ok, I’ll post a few…… if you like what you see…. head on over to www.mtdesigns4u.etsy.com and see more.

ATC’s / ACEO’s

Galaxy ATC (ACEO)


Spring has Sprung ATC (ACEO)

 Shades of Sun ATC (ACEO)  roadfiber.jpg 





catpin.jpg  lifepin.jpg



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Hello World!! :)

Hello World,

I seem to have been absent for a while.  Life is hectic at the moment and I haven’t taken any time for “me” which means I’ve neglected my blog…..  Since I’m currently on vacation and suffering again from swollen glands, sinus infection and ear infections I thought I’d sit here quietly and post some of the items I’ve made in the last month or so.  Yes, I’ve managed to grab 30 min. here and there….. not enough time to call it “ME’ time….. as I feel “ME” time is several hours in the craft studio without interuptions…… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I long for the day that I can just walk in there with a clean slate…… no housework waiting on me, no work, no cooking or responsibilities……  OK OK, this is getting depressing…. LOL

For now, I’ll just post some of my recent works of art. 


I bet you wish you could sculpt your kaboose so easily!! *GRIN*

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