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Absolutely Everything!

Several days ago I decided it was time to cash in the several scratch tickets I had taking up space in my purse.  Once at the store, I decided to just reinvest my winnings and purchase more scratch tickets, and boy am I glad I did.  I am pleased to say that I hit a “fun” amount of money…..and decided that I would spend it on more art supplies.   I know I mentioned before about this store I love and I have to say it again, it’s fantastic!!  The staff is knowledgable, willing to answer questions, and help in any way.   What is the name of the store??  It’s ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING  

My basket was getting heavy so my dh carried it and followed me around to catch the next thing I threw into it.  When all was said and done….. I was smiling from ear to ear as well as he.  Him…because he was finally able to put the basket down…. me, because I couldn’t believe I was fortunate enough to shop till I dropped.

It was a gooooood day!!


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2 More ATC’s

Soon enough these ATC’s will be up for sale in my etsy shop…

I’m working against myself I think.. LOL  I should be getting ready for show I’ll be vending at but, I tend to want to work on other art pieces.  My muse is back and I’m unstoppable.

Now if I only didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow.  😦


Young Love

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4 More Collages

Well…. tonight is my last hurrah….Vacation is officially over…. I promised myself I’d be in bed by 1:00 am (Let’s see if I can do it)

Anyway…. here are 4 more collages I made this evening…. I’m not sure when I’ll have as much time in the craft studio after tonight….  Back to reality for me….

 collage4.jpg    collage5.jpg

 collage31.jpg   collage6.jpg


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Productive Few Days

Well, my vacation is coming to an end…. and there are lots more things I would like to accomplish, but alas, the time has run out on me.  A painting project in the house failed…. miserably so it took up a lot of days…. as we had to paint over it……..  My husband feels like the walls are closing in on him… *grin*   It wouldn’t have anything to do with the 5 layers of paint on them would it????!!!!   (Side note:  Don’t ever, ever use Ralph Lauren’s Lava Rock Paint….. it’s HORRRRRRIBLE)

 OK, enough of that………    In between all of that and staying up till 3:30 am every night… I managed to get some art done.  I’m pleased with what I created… so here are a few pictures.

4×4 Journal

4×4 Journal

Collage1    Collage 2

The next image is of pieces I am working on using Tim Holtz’s Crackle Paint.  You can achieve 3 different looks and here they are:

Tim Holtz Crackle Paint Experiments

Happy Mistakes

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