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Recently I was approached by an “ETSY BLOGGER”….. Kae asked if I would be her first interviewee… as you can probably guess, I was very excited she asked ME!  I mean really…. there are soooo many wonderful etsy artists out there….  But she picked ME……   If you are interested in reading the interview just click here: http://kae1crafts.blogspot.com/

While there, take a peek at Kae’s blog as well!!


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Tag Book

Here’s a peek at the Tag Book I created for one of the art groups I belong to.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Artists_Circle/  It was a lot of fun going from step one, two…. three….. etc…  

I really enjoyed the process of this one.
I made it with everything that means something to “ME” rather than just going with the flow of anything else.
This one spoke to me and I spoke back filling it with things tucked in that meant a whole lot to me.
“Front Cover” Me, always and forever looking after my family.
“Grown with love”  My children growing into beautiful flowers with never ending nurturing and love.
“Butterflies” as my daughters have grown their beautiful own wings and are gliding through life.
“EXPRESS”  for American sign language (One of my daughters is deaf)
“Immensely Strong” with the tree……  Our family roots and ties are immensely strong and bond us forever.
“Vintage Music Sheets” because I absolutely love music.


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A Simple Hello!

Just a quick hello and to say that it was non-productive today.  Shame on me….   you see… it was either go into the “Closet Studio” or take a bit of a nap.    I chose the nap!!   A much needed one I might add.  I’ve been fighting  a terrible cold since last Monday… this one is lingering on and has kicked my butt.  Trust me, I wanted to be productive… just didn’t have the energy.

So…………… hopefully tomorrow!

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Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year!

As you can see, I have been very lazy regarding my blog. It seems like life just gets the best of me and whatever time I do get, I end up in the studio. (Better known by me the “closet studio”)  More on that in a moment….

This year I want to make it one of my priorities to at least write in my blog once a week or better.  I won’t say it’s going to be my New Years Resolution as I have never been able to stick with resolutions.   I also want to scan all art pieces and put them on my blog.  I’m sooooo bad at doing that!!   I get so excited that I finally managed to get enough time to create a piece I tend to forget to scan it. 

OK Mary Lou, take time to breathe here…. 🙂

 There is so much I’d like to write about… but I don’t want to bore any of you.   With that, I’ll just mention that I believe this year is going to be a WONDERFUL year!  WHY?   Well… my dad has had a second heart attack recently and had to undergo emergency triple bypass.  Dad came home just before Christmas and he’s doing wonderfully!

So…. I’m greatful he’s still with us.  He is a very lucky man for making it and our family is even luckier to have him in our lives.   Sooooo…. you see, I believe because of that alone, it’s already the start of a wonderful year.

Now… about that Closet Studio of mine….   Often I’ve been asked if I have a “studio”…. I tend to laugh as I’ve always called it a craft room.  BAD BAD BAD, slap my hand……   I’ve been told that if I sell my works of art, then it no longer is called a craft room and it is a studio!  OK OK…. but having a 7′ x 7′ room called a studio seems rather funny to me…. but ok… I’ll meet you half way, it’s my “CLOSET STUDIO.”   If you’d like to see my small piece of heaven you can find images in the CLOSET STUDIO.

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