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Today I was working on a background sheet and stamping with bleach. Not a new technique to me… Once I stamped my stamp into the liquid bleach, I’d stamp it on the black card stock (SU) and watch the action take place.  To speed up the drying, I used my heat gun so I could get on to the next step…..  Coloring it….

I used various items…..  Pigment ink, Dyes and Chalks. I then splattered it with watered down white acrylic paint.   I liked the effect but later in the day I wanted the same look but much more subtle.


WAAAA LAAAA…..   this is my experiment:  which took up a lot less time as well…..  no coloring in the lines…..just get your fingers into it….. and get busy. 

I took chalks in many colors and rubbed them onto my black cardstock (SU) using my index finger.  I then stamped the stamps into the bleach and stamped them onto the sheet.  If you notice, instead of the paper turning “brown” it removed the chalk in the areas I stamped in.   To speed up drying, I again used the heat gun….. I then splattered the piece with watered down white acrylic paint.  I love the look, what do you think?


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