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Today I was working on a background sheet and stamping with bleach. Not a new technique to me… Once I stamped my stamp into the liquid bleach, I’d stamp it on the black card stock (SU) and watch the action take place.  To speed up the drying, I used my heat gun so I could get on to the next step…..  Coloring it….

I used various items…..  Pigment ink, Dyes and Chalks. I then splattered it with watered down white acrylic paint.   I liked the effect but later in the day I wanted the same look but much more subtle.


WAAAA LAAAA…..   this is my experiment:  which took up a lot less time as well…..  no coloring in the lines…..just get your fingers into it….. and get busy. 

I took chalks in many colors and rubbed them onto my black cardstock (SU) using my index finger.  I then stamped the stamps into the bleach and stamped them onto the sheet.  If you notice, instead of the paper turning “brown” it removed the chalk in the areas I stamped in.   To speed up drying, I again used the heat gun….. I then splattered the piece with watered down white acrylic paint.  I love the look, what do you think?


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Gum Arabic Transfers

I have been through hell trying to get a good transfer.  I’ve tried the following techniques: Ink Jet, Laser, Color Copier, Transparencies as well… I’ve tried Acetone, Gin, Gel Medium, Transfer It to name a few.  I can’t tell you how much money I have spent in the process… between purchasing different products, different types of paper, and Tylenol to take care of my head-aches in the process.Tonight I began to straighten out one of my shelves in my “Craft Closet” and came across a bottle of Gum Arabic. I’m sure like you, you find things in your stash that you have no clue what you bought it for.  You just know “you had to have it”.   I sat there for a few minutes dumb founded…. Now what did I purchase this for?   Then it hit me… I read somewhere a long time ago that some use it for transfers.  OK…. I have a full bottle of Tylenol and several pages of Ink Jet and Laser Printed images…..   I figured I’d try the pictures I printed on regular typing paper on my Lexmark printer.  Nothing fancy, no special ink…. just cheap prints from my home computer. Here are the steps I took.

1. Printed images on plain copy paper

2. Tore pictures from the paper to have irregular edges

3. Painted Gum Arabic on the torn out image

4. Turned the image over and pressed down onto my clay coated ATC card  (I tried this on other papers as well)

5. Make sure you press the image down and brayer or rub it down really well to assure it is adhered in all areas. (Make sure your image doesn’t wiggle around)

6. If you have patience, wait for it to dry.  If not, use a heat gun to dry the image.  (I’m impatient)

7. Rub paper with water and rub until you see your image clearly.

Here is a copy of the first 3 I did tonight.  They are in different stages and are not complete but I wanted to share this will you all tonight while I was in the process of doing them.

Gum Arabic Transfers

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Encaustic Wax







I “SHOULD” have been cleaning the studio…. but instead I sat down, got engrossed in “listening” to a movie and started playing.

There is something reallllly soooooothing playing with wax.

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SUPPLIES:     Heat Tool, Foam Craft Sheet, Small Spirit Doll Stamp, Japenese Screw Hole Punch, Gel Medium or Glue, Art, Life & Beauty Stamp, Small Face Stamp, Golden Acrylics, Snips of Marabou Feathers, Deli Paper, Color Mists, Stazon Ink, Aluminum Metal Tape, Pinata Ink, Permanent Marker and a 2.5″ x 3.5″ card.

Art Spirit Doll

  • Heat your foam sheet with your heat tool and impress your spirit doll stamp into it.  Cut out each section carefully on the lines.
  • Punch out the holes for the arms and legs.
  • Heat the individual body parts and stamp each with the Art, Life and Beauty Stamp.
  • Heat the “head” and make the impression with the miniture face stamp.
  • Finger paint lightly over all body parts using Golden Interference Acrylics
  • Connect body parts using small brads
  • Apply a dab of glue to the back of head and adhere snips of Marabou Feathers


  • Take your Deli paper and wad it up in a tight ball, smooth it out and lay it down on an absorbent stack of paper.
  • Using “COLOR MISTS” spray the deli paper until you like the look. Dry it with your heat tool. Wad it up into a ball and smooth it out again.
  • Using Golden Intereference Acrylics, hit the high spots, dry with heat tool.  (It is not necessary to use Goldens as Color Mists are beautiful alone)  Wad it up again and smooth out for the last time.
  • Using your Stazon Black ink pad, tip the high spots.

Aluminum Metal Tape:

  • Cut desired size for your ATC
  • Turn over to the wrong side and emboss a design or word making sure to reverse your letters.
  • Turn your foil over (right side facing you) and trace around where you already embossed. (Notice your letters are beginning to rise now)
  • Scratch a design around your letters with your stylus to give more texture.
  • Put your Metal Aluminum Tape on freezer paper to protect your work surface, add a few drops of Pinata Ink of various colors and blend them with a brush or makeup sponge. Set aside to dry or use your heat tool.
  • With your permanent marker (Sharpie) color the raised letters you embossed.  Set aside.


  • Place your 2.5 x 3.5 card stock on a clean surface. Apply an even coverage of glue or gel medium to entire top of card stock.
  • Place your background paper (face up) on top of card stock and press it firmly to make contact all over.
  • Turn both the cardstock and background paper over, apply glue or your gel medium to the backside, wrap the remainder of the deli paper to the back and press down firmly.  Set aside to dry completely.
  • Once dried, trim excess around the cardstock.
  • Peel the backing from the Aluminum Metal tape and adhere it to the top of the card.
  • Apply glue or gel medium to the back of your foam doll and arrange it on your card.
  • Set aside to dry……..stand back and admire your work of art!!

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Recently I was asked to share how I created my tile ornaments. It is rather simple really…

I used a variety of things… and not limited to: Alcohol Inks, Watercolor, Acrylics, Homemade papers, Tissues and pictures I printed on my inkjet printer.

I stamped all images using Stayzon black ink.  I used GLOO to adhere the glitter as GLOO dries completely clear. 

Believe it or not, no drilling was involved in creating these.  Here’s what I did.  I flipped the tiles over, made my wire hangers and dangles and adhered them to the back using EPOXY (fast dry). Once dry, I adhered black felt to cover the entire back of the tile, added a sheer bow…..and was set to go!!

I hope these are clear enough. If not… ask me specifics and I’ll try to answer you as soon as possible.

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